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art & verse Giclée prints.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing the full range of artist and poet Peter Mark Butler's paintings and poems, available as hand signed art & verse Giclée prints. Each print is individually produced by the artist using processes which he has perfected himself to enhance his work.

In his latest collection, Peter presents the dazzling world of jazz in acrylics and prose presented as combined art & verse Giclée prints which he produces himself specifically to order and to the very highest standards. Please use the relevant PayPal facility against each picture to order these prints.

Otherwise please use the On Line Ordering facility available throughout the site to purchase prints with ease simply by clicking either on "Place Order" where it appears below a picture of your choice, or on "Purchase On Line" below any picture in the
art & verse online gallery.

You will appreciate that as the paintings are inextricably interwoven with the verses it is not possible to sell the originals. Also, due to poetry copyrights and future publishing options, the combined art & verse prints are not for sale as limited edition prints.

If you have any enquiries or special requests, please e-mail art&verse at: [email protected].

If you would like copies of Oscar's World, please confirm this where indicated when ordering on line. Your response will be totally without commitment but will enable us to get back to you with our future publishing plans.

Don’t forget to bookmark for future visits. It will be updated regularly with the latest art & verse works. If you would like more information on the Silver Marans, please email [email protected].

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Acrylics Domestic Fowl
A3 Gosling Patrol
A4 Gosling Patrol
Oils Paintings with Poems.
A4 The Piper
A3 The Piper

The combined
art & verse Giclée prints are individually produced and hand signed by the artist and poet, who, upon request, is happy to include a brief, personalised message. Issued in either A3 or A4 formats dependant on the size of the original, they are scaled in proportion to the poem and painting. A certificate is issued with each print describing the inspiration for the painting and poem.

For payments received online, confirmatory invoices will be despatched with your print(s). As each print is individually produced to order, please allow between 7 and 14 days for delivery.

Landscapes Left: February's
Sunset print
with verse.

Right: Accompanying certificate.

Authentication Certificate
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