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Many of the most important links in our lives go back to the past and especially to our early years. That's why, vital though current and future links are in the Web Community, in my own world of art and verse there can be no more enduring link than that to my long departed friend and mentor, Frederick C. Dickinson.

I began painting in my teenage years. My parents ran a guest house in Beltinge on the North Kent coast. Mr Dickinson, as we knew him then, was our neighbour and an artist of some renown. An octogenarian, he sometimes sketched the holiday makers who stayed at our guest house and I tried my hand at sketching alongside him. As a result he offered me personal tuition.To be taught by a Royal Academician is an incredible privilege. Especially by one who, as a young newspaper illustrator, covered Queen Victoria’s public appearances and court functions in the twilight years of her reign.

One memory of my grand old mentor is very special to me. He had me paint an imaginary rural scene of a tumble down haystack in a flooded field. But I couldn’t get the hollow in the haystack right.

So I took my canvas to him for his advice. In his nineties by now, his deep voice was as resonant as ever and, glancing at my painting, he boomed, “Peter! What’s that poached egg doing in the middle of that field?” Then he mixed a little burnt umber with alizarin crimson and with a single stroke of his brush, he brought my haystack to life!

He urged me never to be pressured into any particular method but always to stick to my own style and vivid use of colours which set me in good stead for turning to art and poetry in earnest in later years.

I have no idea what became of Frederick Dickinson’s works but fortunately I do have a few of his sketches and scamps, some of them reproduced on this page, including a self portrait.

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Royal Academician
circa 1872-1966
Self Portrait

Below are four further examples of Frederick Dickinson's work from my small collection of his paintings, sketches, illustrations and scamps.
Original illustration of "The Lesters", included in "A Pageant of History", published by Pictorial Education, London, 1932.

Illustration by Frederick C Dickinson

Original illustration of "The Lesters", included in "A Pageant of History", published by Pictorial Education, London, 1932.

Watercolor by Frederick C Dickinson
A fresh cut cabbage from the artist's garden at Bergamot, 17 Burlington Drive, Beltinge, Kent. Circa 1950.

Portrait of Peter Mark Butler by Frederick C Dickinson
Frederick Dickinson's portrait of yours truly when I was only 16 in 1959. Indeed, a pencil sketch to be treasured. What a contrast to my grim self portrait on the Home Page.

Queen Victoria by Frederick C Dickinson
Illustration for
"The Realm of Victoria",
published by Perry & Co Ltd, London, depicting Queen Victoria at the opening of the Indian and Colonial Exhibition, circa 1886.

"Your accompanying words, often prescient, add content and an unseen dimension to your paintings."

Brian Knowles,
California, USA

"Good job, I love your poems that go with your paintings. I am impressed. And I love your jazz series, so well done. I look forward to more of your work."

Nevada, USA

"A very kindly lady. Congratulations. It is a very good poem. Don't be sad that your mother is gone. Everybody will go the heaven at last."

Chen Minglou,
Hangzhou, China
[Commenting on the painting and poem "My Mother".]

"Fantastic Peter,
you've got a talent for capturing people!"

Emile Martyn,
Band Leader and Drummer, The Fallen Heroes.
[Commenting on the portrait and poem "Emile on Drums".]

"What a pleasant surprise to receive your portrait of me. I'm very flattered that you considered me a
worthy subject. Thank you for devoting your time and talent. It's a very thoughtful study and the words are
very touching. May
God continue to bless you and your very special gift.

Trefor 'Fingers' Williams,
Jazz Musician.
[Commenting on the portrait and poem "Double Bass Ace".]