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Painting & Poem
Eyes on the Master
Saxes reach crescendo
And bridge a generation
With rhythmic syncopation.
Spotlight on the Starlet
With eyes on the Pro.

Amy Roberts, the new kid on the block, accompanying maestro Sammy Rimington on saxophone at his invitation. Amy has her own band and plays clarinet, sax and flute. She has starred with Mardi Gras musicians in New Orleans and is studying at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Fusion of paintings and poems in limited edition prints. Limited Edition Prints. Portraits.

Artist and poet, Peter Mark Butler, presents his paintings and poems as individually hand signed Giclée prints

From majestic Scotland and picturesque England to glimpses of New Mexico, from verdant hills to coastal splendour, animal magic to random portraits, Peter delights in creating a fusion of paintings and poems, which he aesthetically produces as Art & Verse Giclée prints. His latest acrylic collection presents the dazzling world of Jazz.

Self Portrait
Hoary head, sullen glower,
Furrowed brow, mood so dour!
An imposter's pose
For oils and prose.

Peter Mark Butler
Oils, 1992


Signed and Numbered Prints. Landscapes.

The Wagoners’ Pool

Three mighty oaks
Reach deep, reach high,
Reflected strength against cobalt sky.
Sentinels supreme astride the pool
Where wagoners once
Rested mules to cool.

Oils, 2002


Paintings and poems - village life


Ikham, secret village
hidden east in Kent,
Where time stands still
and silent hours are spent
Reflecting on the days
When rural ways
Filled farms and stores,
inn and church,
With life and laughter,
banter, merriment.

Oils, 1992

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Each of Peter's paintings and poems is sublimely interwoven and a selection is displayed on this page. To view scaled examples of his Giclée prints and descriptive Authentication Certificates go to:

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Whether painting landscapes, seascapes, portraits, animals or wildlife, Peter revels in the vibrant use of pigments and diversity of oils, acrylics and watercolors, all magically captured by perfecting his very own Giclée process.

Artistic and Poetic Inspiration

To discover more about the inspiration for his art and prose, take a tour of the various art & verse links. Peter takes great joy in penning his poems to depict the themes and moods of each of his paintings, either whilst at the easel or when they are finished. Or the poems come first and inspire his brush strokes.

He has also written a series of stories especially for cat lovers. Simply click on the picture of Oscar below to view the first story and the Art & Verse print.

Cat stories. Prose.


Oscar, Feline Sire
Who lords it over all,
We are our servants loyal,
Ever at your beck and call.

Oils, 1991


Paintings of Scotland, Highlands and Islands. Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors


Elgol, where, swathed in
Mists and mystery,
The Cuillins reach the sea.

Oils, 1993

Animal Magic

Paintings of animals, birds. Domestic Fowl. Wild Fowl

Gosling Patrol

"Who goes there?
I'll take a gander."
"Steady, beware,
Don't raise your dander.
You're just a gosling,
Nothing grander."

Acrylics, 2002


American Scenery

View from Cloudcroft

West of Cloudcroft's lofty storeys,
Bounded by stepped bluff rock eyries,
Under cobalt skies,
The Sacramento Mountains range.
Beneath the looming shrouds
Of rose madder clouds
Stretch out White Sands
In shimmering strands,
Spanning Tularosa's floor.

Oils, 1993
Still Life, Knives, Crime, Broken Society

Perspectives on Life

Innocence Betrayed

Bowie knife and blade,
Once tools of the trade
For youngsters bent on honing talents
Like whittling timber.
Just youthful pranks
With not a thought of malicious intent.
An innocence betrayed
In these dark days
Of indulgent excess
And intemperate rage,
By volatile youths, tempers ablaze,
Flaunting blades to slash and to maim.

These sheaf knives are mine. In my youth back in the 1950s, life was more relaxed and people were far more at ease with each other. As youngsters we were permitted to carry sheaf knives and used them in all innocence, perhaps to whittle away at wood. Then, come age 17 or 18 we'd lose interest in them. Not so today when, scarred by a society ill at ease with itself, malcontented youths carry knives if
not with malicious intent then for
self preservation.

"Respect" is their meaningless byword. But true respect for relatives, friends and neighbours has been lost. Concern, love, for our fellow men and women all too often falls foul of callousness and hatred. Why? Because we've forgotten the meaning of true love and substituted human rights in its place.

"Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful, proud, or rude. Love isn't selfish or quick tempered. It doesn't keep a record of wrongs that others do. Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting. Love never fails!"